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WSO2 Identity Server (WSO2 IS) provides identity management across many platforms such as enterprise applications, services, and APIs. In other words, it provides a comprehensive solution that allows you to manage the identity and access management (IAM) activities of an enterprise. The Quick Start Guide takes you on a quick tour of WSO2 IS to help you understand what you can achieve using this product. 


  1. Enter number 6 to select the Creating a workflow scenario.
  2. Enter the paths to your WSO2 IS pack and the Tomcat pack.
  3. Open the Dispatch web application and try to log in.
  4. In the Sign In page, click the Register Now link.
  5. Fill the user details and create a user account. (If you want a user to sign up by themselves for a specific tenant, you need to provide the username in the following format: <USERNAME>@<TENAND_DOMAIN>. (Even though the new user is created successfully, it is still disabled. To enable the user, you need to log in to the WSO2 dashboard and approve the pending workflow requests.)

  6. Access the WSO2 Identity Server dashboard.

  7. Log in to the dashboard with the junior manager’s credentials.

    Username: alex
    Password: alex123

  8. Click on View Details button under Pending Approvals.

  9. Click on the task ID.

  10. Approve the pending task and log out of junior manager’s profile.

  11. Log in to the dashboard with senior manager’s credentials.

    Username: cameron
    Password: cameron123

  12. Click on View Details button under Pending Approvals.

  13. Click on Task ID.


  1. Approve the pending task and log out of the senior manager’s profile.

  2. Log in to the Dispatch application with the new user's credentials.