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Configuring APIM Analytics

This section explains how to configure analytics for WSO2 API Manager (WSO2 API-M). The API Manager integrates with the WSO2 Stream Processor 4.3.0 to provide reports, statistics and graphs on the APIs deployed in WSO2 API Manager. You can then configure alerts to monitor these APIs and detect unusual activity, manage locations via geo location statistics and carry out detailed analysis of the logs. WSO2 API Manager has an enhanced distribution of Analytics to cater to API Manager specific scenarios which is used here to configure APIM Analytics.

By default, WSO2 API Manager has a port offset of 0 (no port offset) and WSO2 API Manager Analytics has an offset of 1. Therefore, this guide assumes that you do not have any other Carbon servers running on the same machine with port offsets of 0 or 1.

Click on the Quick Setup tab to set up analytics for a quick demo in order to try-out the scenarios, or click on the Standard Setup tab to set up analytics for a production environment.