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Microgateway Configurations

This documentation is for the API Microgateway component that is coupled with WSO2 API Manager 2.6.0.
View the documentation for the latest release - WSO2 API Microgateway 3.0.2.

The API Microgateway has two types of configurations. The Microgateway toolkit, which is part of the API Microgateway, uses the first set of configurations in order to create the Microgateway distribution after fetching the APIs from WSO2 API Manager (WSO2 API-M). The configuration file (toolkit-config.toml) for the Microgateway toolkit is located in the <MGW_HOME>/conf directory.

The Microgateway distribution, which is also known as the Microgateway run-time, is built after executing the setup and the build commands. The second set of configurations reside in the Microgateway run-time.

If you build a Microgateway project using the following command after navigating to the <MGW_HOME>/bin directory:
./micro-gw setup <MGW-project> -a <API-name> -v <API-version>

./micro-gw setup APIProject -a PizzaShackAPI -v 1.0.0

Thereafter, if you build the Microgateway project.

./micro-gw build APIProject 

Based on the latter mentioned example, the Microgateway distribution will get created in the APIProject/target directory with the name If the distribution path is <GW_RUNTIME_HOME>, the runtime configuration (micro-gw.conf) will reside in the <GW_RUNTIME_HOME>/conf directory.

The following sub-sections explain the configurations that are available in the API Microgateway.