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  • When a cloud API supports both REST and SOAP APIs how should I evaluate the proper base for the connector, and whether to write a SOAP connector or a REST connector?

    Deciding whether to use a SOAP connector or REST connector depends on the study you do on the APIs. When deciding you need to consider the number of users using each API and the operations exposed by each API.

  • When a cloud API supports REST/SOAP APIs and also has a Java SDK, how should I evaluate a proper base for the connector? How do I decide whether to write a SOAP/REST connector or a Java based connector by wrapping the SDK through a set of Class mediators?

    SOAP/REST connectors are preferred over JAVA API based connectors. This is due to the flexibility provided by WSO2 ESB to debug issues in SOAP/REST connectors in case something goes wrong.

  • Out of the init method (template) approach and the config as local entry approach, what is the best approach to be used to initialize a connector? what are the relevant use cases for each approach?

    We recommend the config as local entries/ registry entries approach. This is because users can maintain environment specific configs if this approach is followed.

  • Should I leave a response from a cloud API as it is within the connector template itself or should I process/transform the response to some other format within the connector template?

    Leave the response as it is. You only need to remove the domain specific headers because they can fail the next call operation.


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