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Welcome to the WSO2 Identity Server 5.0.0 documentation! WSO2 Identity Server enables enterprise architects and developers to improve customer experience by reducing identity provisioning time, guaranteeing secure online interactions, and delivering a reduced single sign-on environment. The WSO2 Identity Server decreases identity management and entitlement management administration burden by including role based access control (RBAC) convention, fine-grained policy based access control, and SSO bridging. WSO2 Identity Server is an entitlement management server, which facilitates security and identity management of enterprise Web applications, services, and APIs. It carries support for OpenID, XACML, and SAML 2.0.

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About Identity Server

The topics in this section introduce you to WSO2 Identity Server, including its features, and architecture.

Getting Started

Provides instructions for downloading and installing WSO2 IS and accessing its features.

User Guide

Explores the features and functionality of the Identity Server and provides usage details.

Admin Guide

Explores the configurations, testing, and deployment functionality used to manage the Identity Server. 

Developer Guide

Includes various details on customizing the Identity Server and using the available configurations to meet specific business needs.


Real-life business use cases of the product.