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Key Concepts

The following are some of the concepts and terminology associated with WSO2 Stream Processor.

Streaming Analytics

Using analytical operators to orchestrate data flow, calculate analytics, and detect patterns on event data from multiple, disparate live data sources, and allowing you to build applications that sense, think, and act in real time.

Complex Event Processing (CEP)

A kind of computing in which incoming data about events is distilled into more useful, higher level “complex” event data that provides insight into what is happening. CEP is used for highly demanding, continuous-intelligence applications that enhance situation awareness and support real-time decisions.


This is the core processing library used within WSO2 Stream Processor to handle collecting events, processing them and notifying/acting based on the user-given Siddhi Applications.

Siddhi Streaming SQL Language

Siddhi Streaming SQL is an SQL-like language that facilitates writing stream processing and complex event processing logic. This defines how the events received to Stream Processing should be processed.

Siddhi Application

This is scripted using the Siddhi Streaming SQL Language. This represents a single unit of execution that can be deployed independently to process events in real-time


The portal enables users to create dashboards that represent data visually to better understand the data being analyzed. The portal can contain multiple dashboards and each of these dashboards can also contain several widgets to represent different pieces of information. 


This is a single visualization element that can represent data and can be reused in many dashboards.

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