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Decommission Notice

This documentation for WSO2 Updates is outdated. WSO2 WUM/In-place tool was decommissioned on the 7th of March 2023. See WUM/In-place decommission plan
View documentation for the latest WSO2 Updates 2.0.0. Reach out to our support team to convert your update tool from WUM/In-place to U2

WSO2 Updates include any Improvements (e.g., bug fixes, security fixes) that are released by WSO2 on top of a released WSO2 product version.  With updates, you do not have to wait until the next product version is released to get the fixes you want. Find out more about W SO2 updates at .

You can get updates using WSO2 in-place updates or WSO2 update manager (WUM).  The following table shows the key differences of the two:

WSO2 in-place updatesWSO2 update manager (WUM)
You can install the in-place updates tool via a WUM update for all the WUM-supported products.You can download and install the WUM tool from

The tool merges the updated configuration files unless there are conflicts.

You should manually merge the updated configuration files or use a tool like Puppet.
The tool handles backup and restore.You should store backups with the custom configurations in your system, in case you have to restore them later.

A subscription is mandatory to get WSO2 updates. A subscription can be one of the following types:

  • Free Trial Subscription: Provides all the functionality of a paid subscription for 14 days. The validity period can be extended.

  • Paid Subscription: Can discuss your specific requirements with a WSO2 accounts manager and set up a subscription via a channel. Here are the available channels:

    • Full: This is the default channel. It gives all updates including bug fixes, security fixes, and improvements.

    • Security: Gives security bug fixes only.

    • Premium: A custom channel that is only accessible to a particular customer (i.e., company). This channel gives access to specific updates as requested by the customer.

Important: WSO2 has decided to deprecate the Security and Premium channels, therefore the Full channel will be the only channel in operation disseminating updates.