This site contains the documentation that is relevant to older WSO2 product versions and offerings.
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Upgrade the solution

This document walks you through the process of upgrading WSO2 Open Banking from 1.5.0 to 2.0.0.

Why upgrade?

There are multiple reasons why you would want to upgrade the WSO2 product to the latest version. These reasons include but are not limited to the following:

  • The current product version you are using is reaching its end of life. To see if this is the case, view the support matrix documentation.
  • You want to leverage the new features of the latest version of the product.
  • The version of the product you have does not have certain security and bug fixes that you require.

What has changed

Throughout its lifetime, WSO2 Open Banking has changed significantly and some of the features you were using in an older version may not work the same way.

To learn what’s new in the WSO2 Open Banking 2.0.0 release, see the About this Release page.

Get started

To make sure that the upgrade process is smooth and you have the best experience, WSO2 recommends that you reach out to WSO2 Support to upgrade WSO2 Open Banking with minimal difficulty.

If you are ready to start the upgrading process, follow the instructions given below.

  • If you already have a WSO2 subscription, create a support ticket with your migration requirements and one of our support engineers will get in touch with you.

    Create a ticket

  • If you are not a WSO2 customer and still need migration assistance and resources, you may contact us through the link given below. One of our Account Managers will get in touch with you to help.

    Contact us