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Configuring Transports

A transport is responsible for carrying messages that are in a specific format. WSO2 API Manager supports all the widely used transports including HTTP/s, JMS, Pass-through and VFS, and domain-specific transports like FIX. All WSO2 transports are directly or indirectly based on the Apache Axis2 transports framework. This framework provides two main interfaces that each transport implementation has.

  • org.apache.axis2.transport.TransportListener: Implementations of this interface specify how incoming messages are received and processed before handing them over to the Axis2 engine for further processing.
  • org.apache.axis2.transport.TransportSender: Implementations of this interface specify how a message can be sent out from the Axis2 engine.

Because each transport has to implement the two interfaces above, each transport generally contains a transport receiver/listener and a transport sender. You configure, enable, and manage transport listeners and senders independently to each other. For example, you can enable just the JMS transport sender without having to enable the JMS transport listener.

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