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Configuring API Monetization Category Labels

When defining throttling tiers using the Admin Portal, you have the option to specify a given billing plan for tiers. A tier is defined as either a free or paid tier. Depending on the tiers available for a given API, the following API monetization categories are displayed as labels in the store.

  • Free - If all subscription tiers are defined as Free, the API uses the Free billing plan and the API is labeled as Free in the Store.

  • Paid - If all subscription tiers are defined as Paid, the API uses the Commercial billing plan and the API is labeled as Paid in the Store.

  • Freemium - If the API has a combination of Free and Paid subscription tiers, the API uses the Freemium billing plan and the API is labeled as Freemium in the Store.

Follow the configuration steps below to enable API monetization category labels:

  1. Sign in to the API Manager's Management Console (https://<hostname>:9443/carbon).
  2. Navigate to the Main menu, and click Browse, which is under the Resources tab.
  3. Enter the following path in the Location: text-box and click Go.
  4. In the Contents panel, click the Edit as text link and the tenant-conf.json file opens.
  5. To enable monetization categories for APIs, set the EnableMonetization property to true. By default, it is set to false.
  6. Define the subscription tiers as required.
    For example if you are working with the unlimited tier,
    • To define the unlimited tier as paid, set the IsUnlimitedTierPaid property to true. 
    • To define the unlimited tier as free, set the IsUnlimitedTierPaid property to false. 

    As Freemium APIs has a combination of paid and free subscription tiers, the configuration involved in defining the subscription tiers will be the same as above. However, Freemium APIs need to have a minimum of one subscription defined as paid and free.

  7. After the edits, click Save Content.

Note that the above configuration can be done independently on a per tenant basis.

When the above EnableMonetization property is set to true for the respective tenant, the API monetization category labels are displayed in the tenant API store.