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Message Construction

Message construction involves the architectural patterns of various constructs, functions, and activities involved in creating and transforming a message between applications. This chapter introduces message construction patterns and how each of them can be simulated using WSO2 ESB.

Command Message

How messaging can be used to invoke a procedure in another application.

Document Message

How messaging can be used to transfer data between applications.

How messaging can be used to transmit events from one application to another.


How an application that sends a message gets a response from the receiver.

How a replier knows where to send the reply.

How a requester that has received a reply knows which request the reply is for.

How messaging can transmit an arbitrarily large amount of data.

Message Expiration

How a sender indicates when a message should be considered stale and therefore should not be processed.

Format Indicator How a message’s data format can be designed to allow for possible future changes.