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Message Transformation

One challenge of data communication is that the formats of data and their storage mechanisms vary among different systems. A message translator is an architectural pattern that acts as a filter between other filters or applications to translate one data format to another, transforming your message as it passes through the ESB.

This chapter introduces varieties of message translators and how each can be simulated using the WSO2 ESB.

How existing systems participate in a messaging exchange, which places specific requirements in the message format, such as message header fields or encryption.

How to communicate with another system if the message originator does not have all the required data items available.

Content Filter

How to simplify dealing with a large message when you are interested only in a few data items.

Claim Check

How to reduce the data volume of a message sent across the system without sacrificing information content.

How to process messages that are semantically equivalent but arrive in a different format.

How to minimize dependencies when integrating applications that use different data formats.