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Messaging Endpoints

An endpoint is used to connect an application to a messaging channel so that the application can send or receive messages.

This chapter introduces various endpoint patterns and how each can be simulated using WSO2 ESB.

How to encapsulate access to the messaging system from the rest of the application.

Messaging Mapper How to move data between domain objects and the messaging infrastructure, while keeping the two independent of each other.

Transactional Client

How a client controls its transactions with the messaging system.

Polling Consumer

How an application consumes a message when the application is ready.

How an application automatically consumes messages as they become available.

Competing Consumers

How a messaging client processes multiple messages concurrently.

Message Dispatcher

How multiple consumers on a single channel coordinate their message processing.

Selective Consumer

How a message consumer selects which messages to receive.

How a subscriber avoids missing messages while it is not listening for them.

Idempotent Receiver
How a message receiver deals with duplicate messages.

How an application designs a service to be invoked via both messaging and non-messaging techniques.